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8th Grade Spanish I Class




* Requirements include:

1.  92% final average or higher in 7th Grade Language Arts.

2.  7th Grade ELA PSSA score of Advanced.


The skills of listening, speaking, writing, and an appreciation of various cultures are developed in Spanish I. The length of this course at the Middle School is four marking periods and is offered to 8th-grade only. Eligible students must attain a grade of 92% or higher in their 7th-grade ELA and Intro to Spanish classes. Students must also score Advanced or Proficient in Reading on the 7th-grade PSSA Test to be eligible for Spanish I. A comprehensive final exam counts as 20% of their grade.

Please note: A minimum of a two-year sequence of at least one modern language study is strongly recommended for all students planning to continue with post-secondary education.

No high school credit or GPA will carry over and the grade WILL NOT affect the student’s high school GPA or class rank.