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Monroe Career & Technical Institute

“The mission of MCTI is to provide high-quality career and technical

training and education for the students of our community.”



The Monroe Career and Technical Institute (MCTI) 9th Grade Career Exploration Program (CEP) is a specifically designed program for academic and career & technical exploration.  Students enrolled in the 9th Grade Program will receive instruction in the following subject areas: Algebra I, English 9, Civics and Environmental Biology Career and Technical Education Exploration, all day at MCTI.  Each student is supported in this process through frequent and open parental communication and involvement between home and school.

For information regarding MCTI and the programs they have to offer, please visit 

To obtain an application for the 9th-grade program, please have your child listen to morning announcements, which can also be found on the PVMS website. In order to be eligible for MCTI, the application committee looks at the following criteria:

1.  Attendance

2. Grades

3. PSSA scores

4. Discipline