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Promotion Retention Policy





Full Promotion

  • A full promotion requires a student to satisfactorily complete four (4) courses in the following major academic courses of study: LANGUAGE ARTS, MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE, AND SOCIAL STUDIES. 

    Retention Policy   

  • If your child fails two or more classes, he or she will be retained in his/her current grade. Should you wish for your child to remediate these failures and possibly be promoted to the next grade level, one of the following options is available:


  1. Summer school may or may not be offered at PVMS, depending on the number of students who need to attend summer school. Last year, the cost was $200 per course paid for by the parent/guardian. Other districts may offer summer school at a higher cost for out of district students.


  • Note: A student who successfully completes a summer school or approved tutoring program will receive a grade that is no higher than a “70.”